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to clean code
Figma, Sketch
to clean code

The first platform to generate reusable code from your design components.

How it works ?

Overlay is a plugin to transform your Figma components and Sketch Symbols into clean and reusable React/Vue/HTML code.

Thousands enterprises, agencies and freelancers use Overlay

Overlay plugin

Generate complex components in a few clicks

Readable classnames

Sync all design tokens

Multi-export and Variants (Figma)

Responsive components

Overlay app

Get high quality code

React, Vue, Html

Scss, Styled Components

Readable and minimalist CSS


Dynamic code using props

No dependencies, just copy/paste

Overlay app

Easily handoff components code

All component states and instances in a same page

Editable classnames and HTML tags

Editable props

Preview, zoom, and resizing options

Every used style variables accessible

They loved it

Overlay - Turn Figma components into clean and reusable React/Vue.js | Product Hunt