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Design production ready code components

Overlay transforms your Sketch and Figma (coming soon) design components into clean and reusable code in ReactJS, Vue.js and Vanilla HTML.




Integrated to your favorite design tool Sketch (Figma coming soon), Overlay helps designers produce more consistent websites and developers integrate code way faster, and pixel perfect.

Keep using Sketch

Overlay is a plugin integrated into your favorite design tool so you don’t need to change your usual design workflow. Just accelerate it.

Code faster

Overlay generates code in ReactJS, Vue.js and HTML/CSS that developers can actually reuse and are happy reusing it :)

Improve consistency

Before generating code, Overlay helps designers with a consistency check on style variables such as colors, sizes or text styles.

Reusable Code

Forget about absolute positions and thousands of Html/CSS lines. Overlay transforms design into reusable and clean code that developers love



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Match your needs

Overlay can be used for different contexts and purposes. Be a better designer, code faster, or/and avoid waste and bring consistency to your apps.

Dev/Design agencies

Implement the most effective design-to-dev worflow for your teams. Ship projects much faster and use this precious time to improve quality (animations, SEO, perf..etc)


Become a "designer that codes". Provide more value to your clients and ship your projects faster. Start making more money !


Focus on business value.

You don’t want to waste your employees’ time on web integration ? Use Overlay to generate all your components, then just focus on you complex business value.

They loved it

Overlay has already helped designers and developers around the globe to make amazing apps faster than ever. See what they said about it.

It is super fast. I did a page in 30 minutes that I would have develop in a day without Overlay.

Ivann, Lead Developer @LegalPlace

I develop my React components 2 times faster on my project, and with zero inconsistencies. Now I spend time focusing on my client's business logic.

Charles, Developer @Theodo

As a designer, it helps me produce more consistent design. It is exciting to produce code directly and see our product evolve faster.

Anthony, designer @ChooseMyCompany