Make your design come true

Overlay is the first all-in-one tool that auto generates your design system directly from Sketch. Design has never been that close to production.

Export components from Sketch and generate code instantly.

Manage your design system with all your team and save tons of hours of integration.

Create components in Sketch and generate code in two clicks

Create your design system with our Sketch plugin

Preview and test your components

Share your design system with your all team

Keep your symbols always up to date

Get production ready React and Vue.js code

Not hand-off

Get entirely coded components

Component layouts written with flex properties

All designer’s constraints included

No more guess work

Responsive-ready components

Manage your styleguide in a single place

Build your stylesheet from Sketch continuously

Make sure your Sketch symbols are consistent with your stylesheet

Get your Stylesheet code generated in Scss


Don’t just make sketches, build real design components. Create with your team a complete design system in one place including components, fonts and color palette. Focus on creating amazing apps, not on specifications.

C’est top. En tant que designer ça m’aide à être plus rigoureux et à partager plus facilement mon design avec les développeurs. Et c’est très gratifiant de produire directement du code, et voir mon produit évoluer plus vite.


UX/UI designer @ChooseMyCompany